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    It’s almost Dezemba boss...i-festive, big days - whatever you call it, most of us can agree that besides ukshisa inyama and sleeping late; spending more time with family members and making up for lost time is what we look forward to the most. 

    Whether it’s you making your way back home or simply spending more time in the house, we know that the festive season is not really festive without amakhekhe ase khaya. It’s not festive without your favourite scones, amagwinya, idombolo, cupcakes, milk tart...ndibala ntoni na? 

    i-Festive is not festive without a proper catch up with abo-mamgobhozi bendawo. It’s not the same without hearing stories from your favourite niece, hearing about “thaaat” uncle of yours,  catching up on what has been going on, fixing this and that, taking mom for a spin in your brand new car, etc. But...how do we make up for lost time with our loved ones when we have to spend a lot of time baking? 

    You can make up for lost time with Golden Cloud Mixes range. What used to take hours in the kitchen, now only takes a few minutes - giving you more and more time with family and loved ones. And because the festive season is all about making up for lost time, you shouldn’t be spending hours in the kitchen to enjoy baked goodies while catching up. 

    For the duration of the festive season, we will be helping you make up for lost time by showing you quick, easy and delicious baked goodies, courtesy of Golden Cloud Mixes range. Baking has never been this easy and quick...

    #GCMakeUpForLostTime #FestiveSeason #GoldenCloud
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