Homemade Together

Bring A New Flavour Home

Nothing beats baking something delicious with those you love and spending quality time together. With Golden Cloud’s delectable range of Cake Mixes as well as Muffin, Scone, Pancake & Flapjack mixes, “homemade” has never been simpler.

The delight on your family’s faces when they bite into the light, moist and fluffy texture of a creation that was homemade together, will certainly be the highlight of your day. It’s the added love with Golden Cloud that just makes homemade baking taste better!

Golden Cloud Chocolate and Vanilla Cake Mixes now have a new addition to the family. Introducing NEW Golden Cloud Choc-Mint Cake Mix. It’s the best way to bring a new flavour home. Its decadent chocolate flavour is combined with a delightful minty taste, the first of its kind in Mzansi! That’s not all, this cake mix will keep you coming back for more as it can be used in different ways - you can make cakes, cupcakes or cookies, and the icing mix is included in the box, so creating your favourite baked treats is now even easier.

Let your family say “Nice to mint you” and get baking. Don’t forget to share your favourite Golden Cloud Choc-Mint creations with us.



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