Golden Cloud Easter Chocolate Cake


Easter Inspiration With Golden Cloud


Easter is almost upon us and that means making delicious baked treats that will reignite our childhood memories. This is a time we all love to spend with family, a time filled with lots of tradition and celebration while staying safe and at home. 

Whether you celebrate Easter or not, you will want to enjoy the variety of the sweet or savoury recipes that you can make using  what Golden Cloud has to offer. These Easter ideas are sure to make your long weekend a huge success. 

It’s time to take your Easter baking to the next level.

Try out our showstopper Easter inspired decadent chocolate cake. We have decorated our cake  with Beacon Speckled Eggs and Beacon Marshmallow Eggs, but you can also get creative with your own favourite Easter treats.

If you are not a fan of chocolate, we have something else that may satisfy your Easter cravings. Fill your kitchen with the mouthwatering smell of homemade hot cross buns with various spices and raisins, OH YUM!!!

Let's not forget the savouries, you should try one of our delicious homemade bread recipes (here & here) for your Easter meal. The smell of freshly baked bread will definitely bring the family to the table and make the holiday one to remember.

If you need more inspiration, remember we have a whole lot more recipes available for you and add to your Easter festivities. 

Happy Easter,

Golden Cloud

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