The Beauty of Homemade Together

Homemade Together

The beauty of Homemade is more than just the end product; it’s about the smells, the warmth and love, the authenticity and most of all, the company that goes into baking or cooking together. So, let the entire house get involved in making “home-time” fun and happy times for all and create long-lasting memories, too. Whether it’s freshly baked bread, cookies or a delicious meal - when something is homemade, it follows a very special recipe.


- Golden Cloud flours or ready mixes; the secret ingredient for the fluffiest, tastiest and freshest baked goodies
- Lots of love
- Tons of joy
- Loads of care
- A touch of patience


1. In your kitchen, the heart of the home, include your husband/wife, your son/daughter, mom/dad or sibling.
2. Remember you have to do this together to ensure your recipe has the right amount of love, fun and of course happy memories.
3. Whatever your favourite treat is, you can make it from scratch using Golden Cloud Cake Flour or one of the ready mixes for delicious results.
4. Use this time to talk, smile, laugh and to learn more about each other as you whisk, beat, fold or knead.
5. Allow item/s to bake or cook while you revel in the company of your cooking partner.
6. Remove the meal or treat from the heat and bask in the glory of what you’ve achieved, together.
7. Serve with a smile☺

Use this time at home by treating you and yours to homemade goodies with Golden Cloud. Have fun baking and cooking for your loved ones and then share the recipe and challenge your friends & family to do the same.


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