Baking With Tins

Be sure you recipes turn out perfectly each time by choosing the correct tins & trays & taking case of them the right way. 



Get your kitchen in shape by having some basic tins or pans in various forms and sizes on hand. Depending on the recipe, you may need to use a baking tray, muffin pan, loaf tin, o a round cake pan in either 18 cm, 20 cm or 22 cm size.

A square pan is also very handy, as well as s springform cake tin for bakes (such as cheesecakes) that need to be removed with extra care!



It's important to properly grease any baking tin of pan before popping it into the oven. Yes, this includes non-stick ones! Oil, butter, margarine of a non-stick spray will make turning our or removing your bakes easier & also protect the surface of the tin, helping it last a lifetime! You can get rid of any greasiness with warm, soapy water. 


BONUS TIP: Sponge cakes are very delicate, so you'll need to use a special tin for these! Choose one in a lighter colour, so it doesn't heat up too much in the oven & cause extra browning.



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