Knead To Know Tips and Tricks

Knead To Know Basics

Knead To Know Basics

From creaming to toasting, let’s explain some of the basic baking-why’s you’ve always wondered about…

For crispy cookies, creaming your butter & sugar correctly will give you the perfect texture! At first, the two ingredients will be thick & lumpy when beaten together. But, it’s important to continue ‘til the mixture is creamy & lighter in colour – meaning air bubbles have formed!

After beating egg whites or cream, it’s important not to knock the air out when you combine it with all the other ingredients! This is why you’ll need a whisk & only a few gentle strokes to enjoy a recipe that turns out incredibly light & fluffy in texture.

To keep fatty nuts from scorching in the oven, it’s important to arrange them in a single layer in a shallow tray & toasting on 160°C for 15-20 minutes. You’ll know your nuts are perfectly toasted when they turn golden brown & fill your kitchen with that undeniably indulgent aroma…

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