Flippin' Awesome

Flippin Awesome

Whether it’s pancakes you prefer, or flapjacks, Golden Cloud recently introduced it’s unique 2in1 Pancake / Flapjack mix

Easter is around the corner. Most of us will be at home for the holiday but what better way to flip that on its head than by making Golden Cloud’s 2in1 Pancake/Flapjack Mix a part of your mixing, whipping and flipping on Easter morning, in fact, any morning on the long weekend.

For some of us, this marks a religious holiday and we want to wish you well by adding a little golden freshness to your celebrations at home. For those who don’t observe this holiday, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t partake in the fun - delicious treats are meant to be enjoyed by all.

So whether you eat your pancakes or flapjacks with sugar and lemon, strawberries or blueberries, with golden or maple syrup, with caramel or chocolate sauce, with cheese, ham, bacon, spinach, mince or just plain - Golden Cloud is what makes it a real pancake or flapjack… what makes it Flippin' Awesome!!! And just like cereal (for some of us)...there is no right or wrong time of the day to enjoy pancakes or flapjacks. Some people enjoy pancakes or flapjacks in the morning, some during tea-break, some over lunch...and some, well, all the time - naninina.

As we all get ready for this Easter, sibonise isandla sakho. Make this celebration at home more special than ever - give it more taste and more delicious delight, by making Golden Cloud your “go-to” ready mix and simply enjoy the delicious results.

Happy Flippin’…


Trans: naninina = whenever sibonise isandla sakho = literally means show us your hand, but contextually, it means to show off your baking skills

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